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The game has a program loop that is constantly handling game "events". The
loop gets an event, handles that event, gets an event, handles that event,
etc. That loop has to execute at a fairly constant rate for the game play to
be smooth. However, since that loop can be interrupted by other programs
running on the computer, or can be delayed when the game does some
time-consuming operation (like loading levels or bots from disk), there's
code in that loop that adjusts for small amounts of time lost to those
interruptions (call the interruptions "hitches"). Longer hitches cause
glitches in game play (you've probably seen those where your connection to a
server goes bad and everything starts jumping around).

When the game is running as a dedicated server, it warns you (via the 
console log) of hitches longer than 500 msec. You'll probably see hitch
warnings as the game loads levels, loads bots, or other time consuming
operations. The hitch warnings can be ignored as long as they are small
amounts of time. However, large hitches will be noticed by the clients (with
the extreme case being a temporary disconnection).

They then give you instructions to shut down background processes

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-Jim Landi

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I believe it has a separate video card.  The first box that works great 
has the same value.  As far as CPU overloading, this is a dual Xeon with 
1 CoD server and that's it.  Any other suggestions on what configuration 
issues might cause this?  We've been looking network, but based on what 
you've said about hitch warnings, that may be incorrect.  I've seen the 
hitch warnings correspond to the lag we're getting, so I know they're 
related.  Any other suggestions you might have would be greatly 
appreciated, and thanks again for your help so far!


Christopher Kunz wrote:

> Maverick wrote:
>> reg00: base=0x00000000 (   0MB), size=1024MB: write-back, count=1
> That's OK if you don't have on-board video.
>> I'm assuming that's correct since the box has 1 GB of memory.  This 
>> matches the previous box that works just fine.  The frame stuff is 
>> network, correct?  Or is it video related?  I'm venturing into new 
>> areas here, but that's a good thing!
> Hitch warnings are CPU related. So if your CPU is overloaded, it will 
> produce hitches in the server, noticeable as jumpy movement (aka 
> "lag") for the clients.
> --ck

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