[cod] WAW Linux Bins Patch 1.5 will they be ready?

Mike mike at reidesign.com
Thu Jul 16 18:53:28 EDT 2009

No news, but this is what is in the patch apart from the new maps

The patch mirrors a few of the changes in the console patch and fixes a few
bits and pieces, 
including "dog spawning in MP" which we're sure a lot of people will be very
happy with, 
as well as mod functionality, and it will include Map Pack 2. 
See below for the full list of changes in the patch.

.CO-OP hosts can now kick players from their lobby
.Improved dog spawning in MP
.Addressed an issue with Zombie pathing
.Fixed an instance of the player model displaying incorrectly
.Some unhandled exception errors have been addressed
.Improved server browser's refresh functionality when the Source is set to
.Added support for CODTV
."cg_DrawFPS 1" now only displays FPS and cg ms/frame
.Added RCon command "teamstatus" to display players' team information
.Mods: Added joinsquad script function
.Mods: Players can now join CO-OP lobbies that are hosting map names with
more than eighteen characters
.Mods: Users can now load custom maps when the usermaps folder contains
fifty or more custom maps
.Mods: Removed the loading of duplicate assets that contributed to the '2048
materials' error
.Mods: Increased the amount of mods displayable in the Mods menu
.Mods: Fixed a crash related to the mod.arena file 


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Just Curious.... 



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