[cod] COD4 Sniper only config / mod issue?

Joker{eXtreme+} joker at mycallofduty.com
Fri Jul 25 13:53:56 EDT 2008

Some problems with your commandline

screen ./cod4_lnxded +set fs_game Mods/ace +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 38960 +exec knivesonly.cfg +map_rotate
+sets starttime

Mods -- change to mods

+exec knivesonly.cfg ?? is this your server.cfg that executes all the other
config files included in the ACE mod?

By default, I believe Marc uses codserver.cfg

Also for Sniper Rifles only use the following:
set class_assault_limit "0"
set class_specops_limit "0"
set class_heavygunner_limit "0"
set class_demolitions_limit "0"
set class_sniper_limit "99"

// sniper class default loadout
set allies_allow_sniper "1"
set axis_allow_sniper "1"
set class_sniper_camo "camo_none"
set class_sniper_frags "0"
set class_sniper_grenade "none"
set class_sniper_movespeed "1"
set class_sniper_perk1 "specialty_longersprint
set class_sniper_perk2 "specialty_bulletdamage"
set class_sniper_perk3 "specialty_bulletpenetration"
set class_sniper_primary "m40a3"
set class_sniper_primary_attachment "none"
set class_sniper_secondary "none"
set class_sniper_secondary_attachment "none"
set class_sniper_special "1"


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Subject: [cod] COD4 Sniper only config / mod issue?

>I have been trying to use a mod that will ONLY allow a sniper rifle to be 
>picked. No other gun, I think I might be stuck with a pistol though right? 
>So if anyone knows of a better mod then ACE 1.9, please let me know.
> Anyways, I have used ACE before back when my server was windows, so I all 
> ready had the config files and know how to edit them..
> I issue this command:
> screen ./cod4_lnxded +set fs_game Mods/ace +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip 
> +set net_port 38960 +exec knivesonly.cfg +map_rotate +sets 
> starttime
> It will start a modded server, but it is not using the ace mod as 
> requested. It starts up saying mod: cod4_sniper in the game witch I 
> deleted off the server when it didn't work. Guessing might be part of the 
> same issue. So I also guess that when it could not find the ace mod it 
> falls back to moddernwarefare mod?
> TheDudezor
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