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Dubravszky József mail at joed.hu
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I am completely aware of what is needed to run a linux CoD server :-) My 
comment was just an implied disprove of our pal's thought of you don't need 
a retail copy of CoD4 release. So as far as you need the files from the DVD 
you need the DVD. And yes, it does not mean that you have to have the dist 
phisically in the servers DVD drive. To return back to the original thought: 
you need at least one copy of CoD4  to run a legal server no matter how many 
servers you are running. If you run 10 windows CoD4 servers you don't 
purchase 10 copies of CoD4. But you purchase at least one and then run it 
several times. Just think about it! It is not limited to run several 
instances of CoD4. Ok, as a server you are running the free linux binary but 
you are still using the files that are purchased by someone sometime. Or if 
you did not buy the product then you are stealing it, and if you are 
stealing it you are on an illegal path. That is my train of thought :-)


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I think there is some confusion going on here.   To clarify:   You
don't need to have the disc in the drive to run the server.    You do
need it to get the files you need to build the server.

On Nov 20, 2007, at 2:12 PM, Dubravszky József wrote:

> Ehrm, forgive me if I missed something, but if I don't need a CoD4  disk 
> where can I get the needed files? Provided that we are talking  about 
> services using legal softwares warez originated files are an  option.

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