[cod] CoD4 Linux Server Files

James Landi jim at landi.net
Mon Nov 19 08:21:10 EST 2007

To the guys and GSPs new to the Call of Duty franchise and this list, 
nothing has changed - every!.  Ryan is not only working on COD but many 
Linux ports for many companies. Side note, when will a) These publishers 
take note and hire their own staff to do this work in a timely fashion 
(no disrespect to Ryan) b) offer Ryan a boat load of cash to work for 
them exclusively.  However A and B will never happen because till this 
day, only a hand full of devs take MP seriously and understand the 
impact of what it can mean for them as a company. - see Valve and ID.

Ryan only gets the bits when IW is finished with the game (Windows). It 
takes time it's always took time.  Any good GSP who has been around for 
a while knows this and always has a couple windows boxes standing by, 
just for these cases (temp holdover until the Linux bits are production 

This also happens with a lot of other companies Ryan works with thus 
GSPs again have Windows boxes standing by. Not to mention you would want 
to test them before putting them into production and make sure, Ryan, 
IW, fill in dev company here has everything working well enough for your 
production boxes.

Again nothing has changed and any GSP worth their weight should have 
windows boxes in reserve for times like this.

Also, I can tell you that this list may get the info at zero hour but 
many of the Call of Duty sites will have the info and download links 
ASAP, so you don't really have to keep asking the list "is it ready yet".

Hell last time, the list was second to know the bits where released, 
unofficial that is/was ;)


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