[cod] and the race begins...

Dallas Crandall dallas at crd-dwc.com
Thu Nov 8 17:13:52 EST 2007

I run COD2 and BF2 on VMware, up to the max users plus full count of AI
bots. You just have to have a good machine to run it all.
You can even download my COD2 VM from VmWare directly, download it, un zip
it, put your COD2 DVD in and boot it up.

Wine does not work well with a cod2 server, but I believe the client/single
player works for cod2. Knowone has posted as far as I can see that they have
tried COD4 under wine yet.

If you can run vmware on your server then download Windows 2003 server from
vmware and then load your game on it. However if you are already on a shared
server then vmware will not always find a network connection when it is a vm
in a vm.
Thanks for playing.
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  Virtual Machine might be too high of overhead, has anyone looked into

  At the very least you can get the configs straights and swap the binaries
when they come out.

  The game itself may not work but the server should work. I'll look into it


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  UT does, still linux devs! Still so is COD... I think... Oh
  GOT THE FILES :D well the windows ones so only half way there


  On 11/8/07, Robert Mount <rmount at pobox.com> wrote:

  Oh come on now.  Linux servers have gotten the shaft from IW since day
  one.  We've *never* gotten a linux server on release day from IW (or
  Gray Matter with UO).

  On Nov 8, 2007 9:34 AM, Matt Smith <matt at matt40k.co.uk> wrote:
  > I'm really pee'd off by this, I mean I expect it from EA

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  Matt Smith
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