[cod] [cod4] Linux Server: High Latency

Miano, Steven M. Steven.Miano at mybrighthouse.com
Fri Dec 14 13:52:13 EST 2007

Yes, this issue has been addressed several times across several distributions - it would be interesting to hear from the developers as to which distribution they used/tested the game/server on to see if they had different results with the latency/pings...


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> Hi all,
> Are you experiencing higher latency with your CoD 4 GNU/Linux servers
> than any other comparable game servers (e.g. Day of Defeat,
> Counter-Strike: Source, Unreal Tournament, etc.)? I've tried CoD 4 out
> on several (well within 'spec') Debian GNU/Linux server machines, and
> regardless of the circumstances, I see an absurd amount of overhead in
> the latency. (This is of course not even mentioning the absurd amount
> of memory reserved for the CoD 4 server process.) Actual latency with
> traceroute or ping, for instance, might report 30 - 40 ms, while
> actual latency with CoD 4 reports 100 - 110 ms (in comparison, CS:
> Source reports 15 - 25 ms). Is this perhaps merely a temporary side
> effect to the software only recently being ported to GNU/Linux?
> Cheers,
> Jeff Wilges
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