[cod] re: Mod.ff Downloads

Huszti Zsolt zsolt.huszti at cosys.ro
Fri Dec 14 06:25:50 EST 2007

I am using the pam4 on my server with command +set fs_game mods/pam using 
also http redirect and working just fine , the mods/xxx folder must contain 
the iwd file and also the mod.ff
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> Same here... running latest hotfix version 
> (cod4-linux-server-12102007.tar).
> 1.) Copied Mods/ModWarfare/z_modwarfare.iwd, Mods/ModWarfare/mod.ff and my
> config file into mods/auslim.
> 2.) using " +set fs_game mods/auslim"
> 3.) not using a download redirect at this time to eliminate possible
> complications.
> Connect... download iwd file.. no mod.ff download. Stuck in spectator and
> can't choose a team or class.
> Does ANYONE have this working? I'm not talking a stock ModWarFare install
> with fixed build classes only. I want to run a custom mod with custom 
> build
> out classes. If it's a config issue then please point me in the right
> direction... if not then can Ryan or someone acknowledge that a bug 
> exists?
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> I don't know.  I can download any .iwd file without a problem.  It is
> the mod.ff file that won't download, no matter what I use.  I am
> running v1.3 with the hotfix.  I was under the assumption that the
> hotfix actually fixed the left lean bug, not the download issue.
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