CoD4 dedicated LAN server issues...

JB Hewitt johnblade at
Fri Dec 14 02:52:47 EST 2007

Heya all, trying to start a linux LAN server and having no joy.

 ./cod4_lnxded-bin +set dedicated 1 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

 With the above I can't see any servers show up in the Browser and yes
i am waiting about 5 mins. Tried adding the port specification in the
startup but no joy.

 When the game starts up I ask it the 'dedicated' variable and it comes back:

"dedicated" is: "dedicated internet server^7" default: "dedicated
internet server^7"
 Domain is one of the following:
 0: listen server
 1: dedicated LAN server
 2: dedicated internet server
 So it's not taking the command correctly.
 Try to set it when its started and...

set dedicated 1
dedicated is read only.
 I'm trying to have this server work in a non-internet LAN.

      JB Hewitt

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