[cod] [COD2] Ports

Regime regime at gamefuel.nl
Sat Jan 28 12:39:57 EST 2006

There are other ports for Gamespy for instance.
The easiest way to find out which ports your cod server uses, is doing a 
'netstat -nlut' before and after you start your server.
Whichever ports are "extra" after starting it up are the ones your cod 
server is using.
Good luck..

Robert Jonker wrote:

> Just 28960 should be enough. That’s when I assume that you have no 
> rules for outbound traffic.
> Greetings,
> Robert Jonker
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> *Van:* Carlo [mailto:carlomoretto at gmail.com]
> *Verzonden:* zaterdag 28 januari 2006 14:28
> *Aan:* cod at icculus.org
> *Onderwerp:* [cod] [COD2] Ports
> I know this has probably been asked so many times but I cant find a 
> definitive answer on the web
> I'm using iptables and have the machine quite secure (I hope anyway) 
> but i dont want to affect the cod and cod2 servers so for the input 
> and output rules, do I just allow all traffic on udp 28960 or are 
> there other ports that I also need to open up?
> Thanks guys

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