[cod] CoD2 Linux bugs?

Miha Golar miha at golar.net
Fri Jan 20 13:04:21 EST 2006

Hello everyone =]

I have a question about buggy linux binary

Server does not force maxrate on clients is there a way to overcome that ?
Are developers considering better vote control than default
example: if anyone cares www.promode.org pretty much made state of the 
art vote control (quake3 mod)
              while at it, netcode is allso way better than default, so 
i'm thinking  it cant be that hard to implement
              since it's based on  same  engine =) (if mod owner is 
willing to share source that is) =)

Whitch brings me to .... is there a source available for linux server 
and if so, where ?

Anyone out there using rifles only 1.4 mod ? i cant set it to 1 fraggren 
per player it's either 0 or 3 ?

Miha "M1ke" Golar

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