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Quint van Drosthagen cod at se-easy.net
Wed Jan 18 12:54:50 EST 2006

WoW nice logfile size... Big server....;-) No I'm just hosting a 12 players
tdm and a 12 players ctf... So my log will not be that big...;-)

So if I'm correct you say that vsp has a DoS security issue, and you are
saying if you hav a choice pick one of the others... But I like vsp it looks
very nice... Damn.... 

I have a lot of tips now... And want to thank you all for helping me... I
will look around and pick one...


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Click Bouyow schrieb:

>I use b3 and XLRstats (http://www.deadboneplatoon.com/stats/) B3
>(http://www.bigbrotherbot.com) is a bit of a bear to setup, but runs like a
>champ.  It is absolutely the best admin program for Linux and CoD/CoD2.
>XLRstats is a plugin for B3.  Both use mysql to maintain a database.
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>WoW... why is it so big...??
One reason, because the sb is so big:
-rw-r--r--  1 xxxxx users 803548256 2006-01-18 13:03 games_mp.log
If you run vsp, add the directory to the robots.txt, check your logs and 
firewall nasty servers. It´s easy to run DoS attacks.
I also used mohstats, it is more detailed. You can compare your stats 
against other players. Not so good: it always checks the whole logile.
B3 was also running and it´s really a little bit tricky to set up. I 
took a look to XLRstats, it which also creates html, which is a lot 
faster the php/mysql.
There is another program called dreamstats, but I haven´t tested until now.

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