[cod] Cost of Cheating has gone up...New Punkbuster

dallas at crd-dwc.com dallas at crd-dwc.com
Sun Jan 8 13:47:37 EST 2006

I have had to register with MS after a motherboard/cpu, hd or nic change. Not always the nic's, isa to pci for sure. I have reregistered 3 client pc's this week alone, all motherboards/cpu's.
Mark J. DeFilippis wrote ..
> This is similar to the licensing for MS Windows XP Pro
> and has been this way for a while now...
> Just as changing the components in your windows PC
> will require you to "Re-activate" your windows OS to
> MS...  Which components is not disclosed.
> At 04:38 AM 1/4/2006, you wrote:
> >PunkBuster now computes Hardware GUIDs for various pieces of hardware
> on 
> >players' systems while playing on PunkBuster servers. We use multiple
> >private one-way hashes so that no serial number information for individual
> >computers can be determined by admins or anyone else who may try to obtain
> >this information from a Hardware GUID (and as always, no personal 
> >information of any kind is examined, stored or transmitted by PunkBuster).
> >
> >
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