[cod] Cost of Cheating has gone up...New Punkbuster

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Yeah, smells like the principle Microsoft uses for Product Activation... Upgrade your graphics card and see yourself being blocked by PB (lol)
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  PunkBuster now computes Hardware GUIDs for various pieces of hardware on players' systems while playing on PunkBuster servers. We use multiple private one-way hashes so that no serial number information for individual computers can be determined by admins or anyone else who may try to obtain this information from a Hardware GUID (and as always, no personal information of any kind is examined, stored or transmitted by PunkBuster).

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Onderwerp: Re: [cod] Cost of Cheating has gone up...New Punkbuster

      On Jan 3, 2006, at 7:46 PM, Dallas Crandall wrote:

      Globally banning the new Hardware GUIDs across all games supported by PunkBuster (including games supported in the future.) So punks who are... 
...determined to cheat so badly on PB-enabled servers that they try to hack PunkBuster may now need a new computer in addition to a new cdkey in order to return to PunkBuster servers. 


    As in MAC address? The MAC address, as we all know, can be spoofed/changed as well.




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