[cod] SOLVED How do I kill the cod2 pidfile process?

Dave Whitney whitney321 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 12:43:44 EST 2006

exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much!

Jim Mayes <jim.mayes at onemean.net> wrote:              v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}                    I kill it by cat-ing the pid file
    kill `cat path/to/pid/files/server.pid`
    adjust for your paths of crouse
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  Subject: [cod] How do I kill the  cod2 pidfile process?
  I'm going to add a +set pidfile argument to my cmd line for the server.   I'd like to find out how to use that pidfile to kill the process from the  command line.  I've googled and found nothing amidst everything.  Any  help would be appreciated.
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