Output directory redirection

DaesDemon daesdemon at free.fr
Thu Feb 2 21:07:54 EST 2006

Hi cod2 fellows,
Thanks for your work.

I have a problem in interfacing a linux cod2 server with web.
I use httpd user to launch a shell script that launch (or stop)  the 
cod2 server.

My problem is http user (nobody) doesn't have write rights on his home 
directory and i don't find a way to avoid cod2_lnxded trying to create 
.callofduty2 directory on it.

I had already this problem with a medal of honor server and i manage it 
by setting the output path to a correct dir, but i have tried all that i 
found for cod2 (fs_game, fs_home,all the fs options) without success.

Is there a way to redirect outputs on another directory than the user 

Thanks in advance ;)

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