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Just let me know when the http://activisionsucks.com/ site is live and i'll
link to it!

If you guys want, i'll help design/code it.

On 28/11/05, Jim Mayes <jim.mayes at onemean.net> wrote:
>  I believe the key is media attention here. I'm sure it is quite true that
> money is the biggest factor for Activision/IW. And maybe it is a case of "we
> already have their money". But, franchise games are purchased based on the
> reputation of the games that precede them and the reputation of the
> developers (leveraging reputation to do the job of marketing). Although many
> of the people who will buy CoD2 have already bought it… many more may be
> waiting to put a copy under the tree. If this action receives the right
> attention from the media it could make people question that blind brand
> loyalty that publishers seem to love to take advantage of. This
> boycott/strike sends the message to game producers that players/admins
> expect a quality product and expect some level of community support. It puts
> developers on notice that the "grab the money and run" model isn't something
> WE want to spend our money on. Will it be affective? Who knows, the real
> question is, is it worth a try?
> Just my take on it
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> Having worked on Wall Street 20+ years now I can tell you it is all
> about expected earnings.  ACTV is turning a deaf ear because this
> is already money in the bank.  NEXT...
> As much as I wish a server shutdown would help, it won't. With 3200
> servers out there, I suspect it will make a small dent.
> The saying goes "You need to hit them in the pocketbook", that is what
> hurts.  There are a few ways to do this.
> 1. I belong to an investment club.  We hold ACTV stock.  I can say
> we have had a good ride, but it is clear this ride is not likely to
> continue
> based on this attitude change from ACTV.  It is time to sell.  Investment
> clubs watch other investment clubs, not just companies.
> 2. While I am at work this week it is time to pay a visit to my friends
> that
> have been very helpful for so many years.  As equity analysts specializing
> in various industries, I will put my two cents in about ACTV to these
> friends.  Since I am expensive, I do not work for any one brokerage, I
> have 4 brokerage clients however, and they have been so wonderful
> to me in the past, it is time to repay based on where I think ACTV is
> heading financially. Reality is they are moving more to consoles.
> A crowded market that will become more crowded. I
> have my business reasons why I don't think ACTV will do well there.
> (Perhaps History will repeat itself. Consoles is where ACTV started
> and I recall the time when they were on the brink of bankruptcy).
> 3. To hit them in the pocketbook, you need exposure, and to try
> to dissuade people from buying their products.  As a buggy PC game
> developer, they are entering a market where "they don't send out updates"
> for console systems.  One way is to start a web site that states the
> situation, poor support, etc, and massively link that site to push it's
> Google rating up.
> We should also see about recouping some of our money.  I pre-purchased
> COD2 with the understanding that COD2 was a sequel in the series
> and COD2 would have basic A/C as it's original COD did.  I am not an
> attorney, but this is what I believe is class actionable. I want the money
> back for my three copies of COD2 as ACTV did it on the cheap and
> did not add A/C.  It can clearly be shown this is a financial decision.
> Know an attorney that is in the business, or is among us?  We should
> take this off-line and consider this.
> On the exposure:
> I will donate "Activisionsucks.com <http://activisionsucks.com/>", and the
> webspace and bandwidth,
> and we need as many sites to link to it as possible. Once in place
> I will submit to all the webcrawler bots.
> The goal: Boycott all Activation products and get the word out about their
> lack of support.  We owe it to other consumers out there as this is IMHO
> large scale fraud. I certainly feel defrauded. Had I known there was not
> going
> to be basic A/C, I would never have purchased the game. I believe the bulk
> of
> people that pre-ordered the game that are unhappy are in the same
> position.
> This is the group I believe is class actionable.  We need an attorney
> amongst
> us.
> Once it is up, we will let all the rags know about it. They won't turn
> away
> ACTV's money, but if we do it right, it is news, and any press is good
> press
> as any business man knows.  Of course I mention the site to my equity
> research
> friends..., and if you know any, so should you.
> There is no liable or slander. These have several legal requirements. One
> is that
> the statements made are not fact.  That is not going to be the case. We
> tell it like it is... The facts are what they are.
> Mark
> At 12:25 AM 11/27/2005, you wrote:
> FYI, in case you didn't see it...
> http://www.iwnation.com/Forums/index.php?showtopic=17450
> > There comes a time when a little revolution can do an awful lot more
> good than meekly submitting to the will of others, especially if you feel
> you have a genuine greivance.
> >
> > That time is NOW my friends.
> > What do i mean?
> >
> > I propose that if you are happy with following Statement you post your
> acceptance in this thread and get as many others as possible to sign up
> including League/Ladder players & admins, Clan members, server
> admins/providers and just about every COD/UO/COD2 player you can ask.
> >
> > "We request here and now that either Activision or Infinty Ward make an
> offcial announcement regarding their future support for the Call of Duty
> series of games on or before 16th December 2005.
> >
> > The statement should include the following:
> >
> > 1. When will you include an Anti-Cheat system for COD2?
> > 2. When you you release your 1st patch for COD2?
> > 3. What will it include?
> > 4. What other plans have you for the support of the Call of Duty Games?
> > 5. What will you do to ensure this situation does not arise again?
> >
> > Failure to comply with this very simple request will result in the
> following action:
> >
> > We will actively encourage ALL
> > Clans, Leagues, Ladders, Players, Admins and server providers to enforce
> a series of 24hr mass server shutdowns of all Call of duty games at a time
> of our choosing.
> >
> > Don't take this lightly, word spreads, people won't buy a broken toy.
> > This has never been done before and do you really want to go down as the
> first and only companies to have it's client/fan base take such drastic
> measures in order to simply be given some regular information about a
> product, the choice is yours alone.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > To my knowledge, should this action take place it will be the first and
> only time such drastic measures have been taken by any gaming community
> anywhere in the world.
> > I don't want us to make history but it may come done to it.
> >
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