AW: [cod] boycott / protest

Christian Kehrle christian.kehrle at
Sun Nov 27 12:00:59 EST 2005

Hi folks,

personally i dont think a boycott or something will change anything.

For the business part the deal is done. They have our money, that's all they
wanted. Im not talking about the programmers, im talking about the white
collar business suit college kids doing the financial and marketing things
straight from their books.

This will work fine ,as long there are enough kids who also pay 5 bucks for
a ringtone. Mindless customers enforce mindless products.
Only customers who show some brain will force the market to deliver serious

What surely will work : Let them know "you sell me bullshit once, u wont
sell me anything "

Personally im getting the same feeling with activision as I already have
with EA and Valve. I don't want steam so no HL2 , as I heard no fall back
for old shaders in BF2 so no more EA. I don't buy any games from this
companies anymore. And I don't have any problems adding some more to my
If they don't care for me as customer , so I don't care for them. 

Maybe im only one among 6 billion people , but someone has to start it.
A.f.a.i.k. is this the only method to deliver this  message to the managing


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