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Sun Nov 27 10:40:46 EST 2005

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>I personally think the protest and boycotts will fall on deaf ears.   Need 
>to appeal to the common media that review the games.  The ones  that they 
>advertise with, for example.
> For example, G4 TV has been running a crap load of ads for COD2 and  COD2 
> for PS/2.  G4 also has a couple of the most popular shows that  cover 
> games and problems with computers in general.


We have been here since day one, well most of us. We have helped countless 
peoople get their server running. I know this for I was an Activision drone 
creating servers left and right for people, free of charage. I know how much 
time I have spent on this game, I could only imagine the amount of time the 
others here have devoted to this game...

But does Activion care? HELL NO. Do you think they have responded to one of 
our pleas to AC? HELL NO. Only he said / she said bull.

I have seen a few decent letters come through this mailinglist asking 
Activion to step up to the plate and respond. And the way they did was to 
introduce a new AC system within the game after it is released? Sweet move. 
Sweet move. If I had any stock in that company to make a difference, I would 
fire that birdbrain who made those decisions.

Not to say the new AC will not work and not to knock them and their hard wo 
rk, but think of the situation like this...
Space Shuttle Takes off and enters space. All of a sudden it gets attacked 
from Aliens. Nasa decides to send a few brave souls to the Space Shuttle to 
install a defense system. I mean wtf? Isn't it too late when they should of 
done it when the ship was on the ground? lol....

Anyways.... I have always supported Activisio and the games it has released 
to the max becauseof the quality of the game. Great / good times have been 
invested in fragging online with my mates. Activion rules. Fire the jerk who 
is making these decisions. He is worthless.


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