[cod] RHE4 new 2.6 Kernel

Jay Vasallo jayco1 at charter.net
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Hey Mark,

I rented a few servers from the planet last month and have the same setup you do to the t. Works great. I also noticed that it deals with swap mem a little different than the rhe3. But other than that, runs fine. Did some research on the new file journaling but noticed a decrease in productivity and increase in ping when i set the journaling to on so that was a waste of time. But other than that, if you use it exactly the way the planet gives it to you, the server rocks.
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  Anyone had experience with running the COD binaries on the new RedHat Enterprise Server 4.0 with 2.6 SMP and threading enhancements?

  On theplanet.com, and servermatrix.com, there are a few quotes here and there about "nice performance increase". (Actually I would be happy if it is better than the existing ES3 SMP kernel which will often run a cpu up to 100% while the other sits idle at 0%, after the major lag, it kicks in. (yea! isn't that proactive!)

  I am hoping 2.6 enhancements to RHE4 does the trick.


  I did see some issues with Teamspeak and issues with mysql.  At the time of posting, the admins recommended solution was to rev back up2date for the mysql package to 4.0, and Teamspeak is a happy camper again.

  Any input from someone doing this already would be appreciated.



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