[cod] rcon list of banned player Id's

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 11:47:55 EDT 2005

Yer it banlist doesnt exist as just wondering if I was missing
some cryptic named cmd but it appears not. Something I hope
to see fixed in COD2 :)

N.B. None of the commands u listed work for COD

    Steve / K
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From: "BludGeonT[EUG]" <bludgeont at gmail.com>

> heya,
> It depends on what banned the person in particular, whether it was a
> manual ban by an admin using /rcon ban IP|GUID  or, whether it was a
> pb_sv_ban command that punkbuster uses to ban people.
> FYI, this pretty much applies to all Quake3 based engine games that
> support punkbuster.
> Punkbuster Way:
> /rcon pb_sv_banlist - shows who PB has banned.  This will show you all
> who are in the pbbans.dat file (punkbuster ban list file) and all who
> are banned from just within memory.
> /rcon pb_sv_banemtpy - empties out PB banlist
> /rcon pb_sv_banload    - loads pbbans.dat PB ban file.
> The above example of clearing the banlist is very helpful with many
> situations.  For example, your friend just loaded COD up and joined
> your server, but his Punkbuster is at a retail level and needs to
> update completely.  This happens while your friend is playing in the
> server, but lets say his PB didnt update in time and the server kicked
> him for 15 minutes due to PB descrepancies.  The above routine helps
> clear out the PB banlist for your friend so he can come right back in
> rather than waiting the full 15 minutes for the ban to expire.  This
> is what I refer to as a BAN in memory and not in the pbbans.dat file.
> The Q3 engine way:
> I avoid using the types of bans that are built into the engine because
> it is somewhat cryptic to use and not near as user friendly as PB. 
> But you can display the bans that are on the system, non-PB related in
> this way:
> /rcon banlist
> I believe that you can either see IPs or GUID's be echoed back from
> this list.  Either way, I have only found a way to remove them one at
> a time in this way:
> /rcon banremove GUID
>  - or -
> /rcon banremove IP
> There might be a way to clear the list all at once, Im guessing /rcon
> pb_banempty, but that is a longshot.  I know for a fact that banremove
> works but its a slow painful process if you dont have cut and paste
> and are trying to unban GUIDs.

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