[cod] What Harware you use? A few Questions.

Carlo Moretto Carlo at LondonEngland.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 06:51:43 EDT 2004

I run a dual pentium 3 900mhz with 1.5gb ram on mandrake linux. I run 3
26 slot servers (2 cod, 1 uo) and with 50+ players, processors run at
about 50%ish


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Subject: [cod] What Harware you use? A few Questions.

Still gathering some info for our new server set up, a few Questions.

1. For those that use Multiprocessor Machines, Does COD use it (i.e -
I start one process on CPU 1 and another on CPU 2)

2. AMD Opterons - How would a single opteron system go?

3. Does anyone have a basic p4 3.2, or AMD64 Machine, if so - How does
run COD:UO?

Obviously things like RAM and Distro of Linux will make a difference,
I'm mostly concerned about the CPU usage. (i.e - Get a smaller machine,
not be able to run UO properly, or get a kick arse machine and not
needed to 
spend the cash.)


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