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Sat Nov 27 10:40:28 EST 2004


I am fairly new to this list, and have a quick question.

I run a server from my home on a DSL line with 1 meg up and 1.5 meg down. 
I do check my actual connection speeds quite frequently at DSL reports.  I 
usually get 850 upload/1200 download.  I am currently running a COD UO 10 
man server.  I do see quite a bit of lag with some players.  i set the max 
rate at 10000, that's about the only tweak I have right now.  I did run a 
16 player HL server for years with little to no problems. 

Any ideas for more tweaks??  I do have the server running Win 2003 server, 
but have started a move to Fedora Core 2.  Is that a good move?

Thanks in advance..
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