[cod]/Mohaa single machine, multi game server

hotrod deathtoll hotrod_death_toll at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 08:38:07 EST 2004

Sorry to bother you with a Mohaa question too...

I need to configure a COD:UO game server and two MOHAA
game servers on the same machine.  I have one IP and 4
more virtual ip's configured.  I know plenty about
Linux, I'm RH certified, but I don't know jack about
COD and I'm mediocre when it comes to MOHAA server

Since I don't know much about COD I'll have more
questions to come but I'm sure I'll come up to speed

Here's what I need to find out:

1. How do I force Mohaa to a different IP on the

2. Where can I find a linux server how-to for COD:UO,
and the same question applies #1?

3. If I wanted to configure a 3rd MOHAA server for
training and set it to a different port, how do my
clients connect and will the game be able to run two
MOHAA servers on the same ip but diff ports??

4. I was using CI for tactical mode on a test server
but it wasn't functioning properly.  First user got
hurt when they ran but that user made every other user
get hurt too. Has any one else had that problem,
and/or should I be using another tool??

In advance...
Thank you so much...


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