[cod] FYI: Library dependencies in 1.2 server

Shaun Green greensha at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 30 18:00:23 EST 2004

Ok that seem get past the first part.  But now I get this error

Sys_Error: EXE_ERR_NOT_FOUNDconfigure_mp.csv


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From: "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at clutteredmind.org>
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Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 5:31 PM
Subject: [cod] FYI: Library dependencies in 1.2 server

> For those having issues with 1.2 because of the "glibc" issue:
> - If you are on a modern distro, you shouldn't have this problem. if the
> 1.2 patch starts at all (regardless of script errors, etc), Stop reading
> now.
> Please note that the definition of "modern" is somewhat specific, since
> Debian Stable doesn't match (but then again, Debian Stable is pretty old
> at this point, to be fair. That's why they call it stable.  :)  ). If
> your distro is shipping with gcc 3.2 or so by default, you probably
> qualify as "modern" for the sake of this discussion.
> - If you're on FreeBSD, upgrade to linux_base-8. If you can't (or
> won't), keep reading.
> - If you are on a older Linux distro (Red Hat 7.3, etc), keep reading.
> - The libraries you need are not glibc specific, but rather support
> libraries for gcc3. COD 1.1 didn't need this, since it was built with
> gccc 2.95.3, but there are some serious code generation issues that gcc3
> fixed, so I opted to move up to the newer tools. You don't actually need
> to rip up your existing system, you just need the extra libraries that
> gcc3 uses. Here they are:
>    http://icculus.org/updates/cod/gcc3-libs.tar.bz2
>    (896k download, beware of the symlinks in that tarball!)
> Unpack that somewhere where the dynamic loader can pick them up, /lib
> will work if you feel this is safe for your setup (it may not
> be!)...alternately something like the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
> variable may help.
> Please realize that this is a stop-gap measure; ideally, this problem
> automatically goes away when new distros are installed/upgraded, and
> won't need these support libs because they are already installed on th
> box.
> For the record, this binary was built with a stock gcc 3.2.3, so you
> could theoretically regenerate and/or customize these libraries by
> building/installing this version (or so) of gcc yourself.
> Please let me know if this helps.
> --ryan.

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