FYI: Library dependencies in 1.2 server

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Fri Jan 30 17:31:46 EST 2004

For those having issues with 1.2 because of the "glibc" issue:

- If you are on a modern distro, you shouldn't have this problem. if the
1.2 patch starts at all (regardless of script errors, etc), Stop reading

Please note that the definition of "modern" is somewhat specific, since
Debian Stable doesn't match (but then again, Debian Stable is pretty old
at this point, to be fair. That's why they call it stable.  :)  ). If
your distro is shipping with gcc 3.2 or so by default, you probably
qualify as "modern" for the sake of this discussion.

- If you're on FreeBSD, upgrade to linux_base-8. If you can't (or
won't), keep reading.

- If you are on a older Linux distro (Red Hat 7.3, etc), keep reading.

- The libraries you need are not glibc specific, but rather support
libraries for gcc3. COD 1.1 didn't need this, since it was built with
gccc 2.95.3, but there are some serious code generation issues that gcc3
fixed, so I opted to move up to the newer tools. You don't actually need
to rip up your existing system, you just need the extra libraries that
gcc3 uses. Here they are:
   (896k download, beware of the symlinks in that tarball!)

Unpack that somewhere where the dynamic loader can pick them up, /lib
will work if you feel this is safe for your setup (it may not
be!)...alternately something like the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable may help.

Please realize that this is a stop-gap measure; ideally, this problem
automatically goes away when new distros are installed/upgraded, and
won't need these support libs because they are already installed on th

For the record, this binary was built with a stock gcc 3.2.3, so you
could theoretically regenerate and/or customize these libraries by
building/installing this version (or so) of gcc yourself.

Please let me know if this helps.


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