[cod] Patch 1.2 requires glibc 2.3 OMG!!!

Daniel Rudolph lists at daniel-rudolph.de
Fri Jan 30 12:24:50 EST 2004

Steven Hartland wrote:

> I don't have a list of the games to hand that crash under 2.3
> but from what I recall its was about 8 out of the 46 games that
> we support just crash.
> Not to mention the server wont run under debian (stable),
> FreeBSD ( default compat base ) and others.
> We have over 70 machines here a large number of which are
> running multiple CoD servers, upgrading them all because
> one games patch requires 2.3 is just not practical.
> When EliteForce II and BF1942 looked at using 2.3 it was
> decided against due to the shear number of issues.
>     Steve / K
We also use Debian Stable here.
And well its not working

I dont see the point to change to unstable !?
What is the reason to release such an patch for 2.3 ?

Is it a big problem to bring an other version of the patch ?


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