[cod] Patch 1.2 requires glibc 2.3 OMG!!!

John Kennington john.kennington at buzzcard.gatech.edu
Fri Jan 30 10:12:09 EST 2004

What do you mean "breaks loads?" Can you be more specific?  We have
several servers with RH9 that has 2.3 and haven't had any problems.

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This is NOT good so not good there are mucho
incompatibilities between 2.2 and 2.3 using 2.3 is just not
an option :(
Been though this with a few game fortunately been on
the beta programs and caught it before it was released.

We're gonna need a 2.2 version or cod linux is a ded
duck for GSP's as we have to run multiple games on
machines installing 2.3 just breaks loads so is not an

    Steve / K

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