[cod] Fedora and CoD

Bryan Kuhn bryan at infinityward.com
Mon Jan 19 21:26:50 EST 2004

I think you mistyped sendmail instead of postfix :)

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I am still using RH 9. I will build another server from scratch, but this
time I will not use RPMs for:

- Apache
- Sendmail
- OpenSSH
- Open SSL
- Kernel
- Bind
- Perl
- Iptables
- ?

This way I will build them from True Open source and not rely on Fedora's

Theo Macris said:
> Fedora, I just ran a LAN server with 2 CoD servers on it. Ran just
> fine, no complaints. Are you having an issue? as far as I can tell,
> Fedora is just RH 9.0 with a new name tag. On a broader level, this
> pay to play attitude that redhat is starting seems a bad precedent to
> support. It may be grounds for moving to another distro like Slack or
> Deb.
> kp
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> Subject: RE: [cod] Fedora and CoD
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>>Many of you are aware that Red Hat will no longer support RH 9 and
>>after April 2004. We have two choices: Red Hat advance server 3.x or
>>Fedora 1.
>>Has anybody run the CoD binary using either one of these new Red Hat
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