[cod] install help?

Omar Wit firma034 at planet.nl
Mon Jan 19 19:35:58 EST 2004

If i'm not mistaken. you can also specify a base-path using +set fs_homepath
/servers/cod/cod01 (for my servers this is my basepath ) in your command
line, startupline could be

./cod_lnxded +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip IP(only on multi-homed systems)
+exec myconfig.cfg +set fs_homepath /home/piet/jan/cod +set map_rotate

with kind regards,
Omar "BlueIce" Wit
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From: "orr" <orr at cadetmail.uscga.edu>
To: <cod at icculus.org>
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 5:04 AM
Subject: RE: [cod] install help?

> Well, the game.mp.i386.so is not loading (captain obvious to the
> it's looking for the file in the hidden directory .callofduty first, then
> looking in your visible directory next.  I recommend you go to both of
> directories and see if the file is actually there.  (note that the
> .callofduty directory will not list after a "ls" command unless you do
> "ls -a").
> i can think of a couple possibilities:
> a.) you didn't extract/copy the file from the CD
> b.) permissions aren't set properly
> if the file's present in either directory, then a.) is not the issue, and
> b.) probably is.
> if you think one of these is the problem, heres what you do to fix it:
> a.) check out this thread on the forums by Corven
> http://www.callofduty.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=91126#post91126:
> it lists all the files you need to have extracted/copied.  obviously,
> game.mp.i386.so is one of them.  i'm not sure which compressed file it's
> on the CD, though =(((
> b.) if you are familiar with chmod, AND IF THE game.mp.i386.so FILE IS
> THERE, chmod 755 the file, and that should fix it.  I don't see how this
> could be the issue, though, unless you installed the stuff as root.... in
> which case ur gonna hafta su over to root to change the permissions =/.
> type "man chmod" if you're unfamiliar with chmod.
> i noticed that your hidden .callofduty (the . means its hidden) directory
> under /root, so I assume you setup the server logged in as root?  if so,
> tsk (shakes finger).  I don't think this is the cause of the error you
> pasted into the email, but i know that *my* call of duty directory is
> /home/yimboli/CoD, and the hidden one is /home/yimboli/.callofduty ...
> the similar paths.  that doesnt mean yours is messed up, i'm just
> the difference.  the difference might be cause by the fact that i'm using
> slackware... i can only assume you don't since i never meet many on these
> forums that do =P
> -Tim
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> From: clint echols [mailto:clint at localaccess.com]
> Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 10:35 PM
> To: cod at icculus.org
> Subject: [cod] install help?
> Im trying to set up a linux server but i  am getting this error message.
> can anyone help me fix this
> File Handles:
> ----------------------
> 29625 files in pk3 files
> Sys_LoadDll(/root/.callofduty/main/game.mp.i386.so)... failed
> Sys_LoadDll(/home/redline/cod2/main/game.mp.i386.so)...
> Sys_LoadDll(/home/redline/cod2/main/game.mp.i386.so) failed:
> "/home/redline/cod2/main/game.mp.i386.so: cannot open shared object
> file: No such file or directory"
> Sys_LoadDll(game) failed dlopen() completely!
> ----- Server Shutdown -----
> Resolving codmaster.activision.com
> codmaster.activision.com resolved to
> Sending heartbeat to codmaster.activision.com
> ---------------------------
> Hunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok
> Sys_Error: Unable to load shared library
> Shutdown tty console
> --
> Clint
> Tech Support-Local Access Communications
> clint at localaccess.com
> 360.330.5535

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