[cod] Server connecting Problem

Richard Harrison richardnharrison at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 18 19:15:00 EST 2004

I have these filled in and it works fine for me using All seeing eye. One
thing to note though is i was told by some one not to ahve spaces in the

sets .Admin "i am an admin"            is bad
sets .Admin "i_am_an_admin"         is good.
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  I have had the same problem with other Server spy programs, I found they
don't know how to handle the "extra" information settings. Those being

  sets .Admin ""
  sets .Email ""
  sets .IRC ""
  sets .Website ""
  sets .Location ""

  If you set all of these to empty, your spy tool should work.  It's not a
problem with COD, but with your spy tool.
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    I installed the COD Server and configure the default_mp.cfg and the

    When watch the server with all seeing eye i kan see in the details that
the server got an 20 slots. When i#m looking in the short details i just see
in the player rows 0/0 normaly it must be 0/20. i can't connect when it
shows 0/0 when i force the connect, i can play without any problem an i see
in all seeing eye with player is on the server but in the player row it just
standing 1/0.


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