[cod] 2 servers on one machine -Help, Friday deadline!

Steven Hartland steven at multiplay.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 06:06:39 EST 2004

Their is no reason to use separate ips and ports just ports will do.
You can not use separate ips as when an app is bound to a specific
ip it can not receive packets destined for any other ip this includes
broadcast packets it has nothing to do with first response etc.

So to recap: multi IP's will NOT work only multi ports.

    Steve / K
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> Hi ck,
> Yes you are right, but this is on the internet and you send a heartbeat
> and information to Activision with wich ip and port you are using. Thats
> why you wil find them in your browser. But when you use LAN the clients
> have to find the machines themselve. This will be a problem because the
> are broadcasting on UDP and if you use 2 nics with same Port the client
> will only pick up the first response (the first COD server who response).
> This is why i say use 2 ports on different NIC's.
> Greetz
> Quint

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