[cod] CoD and my struggle with NAT

Bryan Kuhn bryan at infinityward.com
Wed Jan 7 13:29:31 EST 2004

Yes and this isn't supposed to happen and there is no known bug with it.
Unless you have that cvar I mentioned set to 1.

No what is happening is the following :

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Client connects to Server with ip. Server then goes to AUTH server Actvision
and asks to authenticate the Client trough its IP. Auth Server then tries to
connect to client to get CD-Key to Authenticate. After getting the CD-Key
AUTH server looks in database and gives an ack or nack back to Server. Then
the Server lets the client pass and you can play.

And because i'm internal with a private adress the Actvision server doesn't
understand where the adress is.

Thats my problem.


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> He cant be binding to only the external interface or his internal machines
> would never even connect. Could it be that the local lan check is
> not checking all possible "local lans" only the first or last bound
> interface?
>     Steve / K
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> > Your saying on the same subnet it is still authorizing you? You don't
> > have net_lanauthorize set to 1 do you? Are you only binding it to the
> > external ip address?
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