Error while running lnx ded server

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Wed Jan 7 02:29:53 EST 2004

My server has been running fine but today I noticed it was no longer
listed, so I thought it might've died and I killed the processes, launch
the server again. Now I get the following error in my connection to
remote linux box over SSH connection and was wondering what it means.
Hitch warning: 578 msec frame time
Resolving resolved to
Sending heartbeat to
NET_SendPacket ERROR: Operation not permitted to <--
This part I'm not sure if it's right or not.
Hitch warning: 3501 msec frame time
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong, the only thing different from
before is that this server is executing a retrieval game and it did work
fine earlier today, I played on it for 2 hours. Now I'm not sure if I
was getting this error earlier as I never noticed.
Any help is appreciated.
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