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Jim Mayes jim.mayes at emns.com
Mon Jan 5 16:34:48 EST 2004

The is a php nuke block out there called "Gameserver" if you're running
nuke. If not it is built on a php class called GameQ hosted on
sourceforge. Depending on your comfort with php, it's pretty easy to
roll your own display with the class.
I Had a php query for MoH:AA but it was much slower than gameq. Check
out  <http://land-o-tv.com/> http://land-o-tv.com on the right hand side
to see what you can do with it. And yes I know there are broken images
on the site :-) 
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I want to display my server status on the website, when its on or
i have a PHP script for it but it only queries tcp ports
Does any1 knows if COD uses a tcp port and if yes what is the tcp port
thnx allot
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