[cod] And with the patch the problem with NAT is back

Boy_One (COD System Admin) cod at kaleplek.net
Mon Feb 9 06:22:26 EST 2004

Hi Troy,

Thanks for this this is the first one who understands my problem. And you
are almost right. What i did was i tcpdump to see what was send and what was

Here the mechanisme in a nutshelf....

client connects to server > server asked codauth and client to auth client
ip > auth server then gets connection from different ip(client) and says ok.
> server is still waiting for auth server to say ok for the client who is
trying to connect (internal ip adress).

This is my problem beacuse the server is waiting until the ip
adress is AUTH by activision and never gets an ack to it so no connection to
And in the 1.1 version it timed out after 25 seconds waiting. But in this
new version no luck. So it looks like the fixed this problem(like they sayd
in an earlyer mail) but know i want to know what they did and how to solve


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> Those other two replies are obviously clueless. I don't know if I can
offer a
> solution, but perhaps just an underthought-out idea.
> Is it the server that sends the authentication packet? I thought, the
> sends their key to an auth server, and the game server then asks the auth
> server if the client at the connecting IP has a valid key. The auth server
> obviously, not aware of this internal IP, replies "CD key in use" (because
> recently got an auth request for that key). If this is the case, then
maybe an
> iptables rule on your gateway, that prevents any internal IP except the
> server from communicating.
> Or if that's all wrong, maybe you can run a packet inspection program,
> inspecting packets from the game server to codauthorise for internal IP's,
> blocking them.
> Just some things to ponder.
> cod at kaleplek.net wrote:
> > Yes this works if you want to use a private server. But i'm using a
> > server and then when i do this i won't show up in any list on the
> > internet(ASE/gamespy).
> >
> > Lets give some background to everyone to put it in the light again :
> >
> > Internal workstation      Nat Server internal/external
> >                            (with cod running on it)
> > -------------> / -------> Internet
> >
> > Connecting from my machine results that the server is seeing that adress
> > is local and not remote and connects me not through nat but internal.
> > the server is asking to authenticate me with my internal address by
> > Activision. This is dropped by activision because private spaces are not
> > allowed on the internet.
> >
> > What i'm looking for is a workaround/fix that is saying when it is a
> > private range don't Authenticate on the internet everything else do
> > Authenticate. Or even better when i can say don't Authenticate ETH1.
> >
> > Please is there somebody who know how to do this, or can push me in the
> > right direction.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Greetz
> > Quint
> >
> >
> >
> >>You can add a line in your hosts file that points
> >>codauthorize.activision.com at
> >>
> >>  _____
> >>
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> >>
> >>I have the exact same problem there, shipmate.  Except i never even got
> >>it to work for 1.1 and gave up... i figured patching to 1.2 would fix
> >>it. That's not the case, eh?  How do I get my LAN server to stop
> >>checking for a cd key (yes, i AM flagging +set dedicated 1)
> >>
> >>Thx
> >>
> >>-Tim
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> >>Hi all,
> >>
> >>I posted this before and with your help i got it working to log on to my
> >>own server. But now with the patch installed the problem is back. For
> >>you who doesn't know my problem a little info.
> >>
> >>I have a server running on my linux machine at home. This machine also
> >>gives me NAT to the internet. Now when i try to connect to it from
> >>inside my LAN he tries to AUTH me by activision with my internal network
> >>address.
> >>
> >>Before the patch he timed out and let me in. But now with the new patch
> >>it is starting allover again. I know somebody said this was put on a
> >>list to look at and maybe solve it. Is this done so and if the answer is
> >>yes,  is there a cvar i have to set to let me connect to my server
> >>again. Or is my nightmare back... :-( I hope not. Who can help me...
> >>
> >>Regards
> >>Quint
> >>
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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