[cod] libraries required, simple question.

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/your/specified/directory/ would be the game directory where I have COD
files or any specific folder should do.
="/usr/local/games/gcc3libs" should be what?
If I don't want to install these libraries, what else can I do. This
server is a hosted/maintained server, would my host be able to do this
for me?
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Download the librarys, unzip them in /your/specified/directory/

This is the script I run so that I dont have to mess with system
libraries which other things need.

#! /bin/sh
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/games/gcc3libs"

while true ; do
        sleep 1;
        cd /usr/local/games/cod
        #echo "COD DM on atalanta has crashed/restarted" | mail
servers at gamingsa.com
        ./cod_lnxded +set ttycon 0 +set dedicated 2 +set g_gametype dm
+exec serverdm.cfg

   (896k download, beware of the symlinks in that tarball!)

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Hello all,
It's simply a reminder request. I'm getting the following error:
./cod_lnxded: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
What was the libraries I needed and the link to it? I just can't
remember it and I know it's been discussed before.
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