[cod] server not showing in browsing list

Adam Dixon adixon at adam.com.au
Tue Feb 3 17:28:14 EST 2004

I dont know about anyone else, However I am also having issues getting 
my servers showing up. I did that 2 hour trick last night, and brought 
them all up around 2 hours and 30minutes later, and then went and 
refreshed the in game browser. It did indeed show up. However one is 
still missing out of it, I have no idea why.

The only entry I have in master lists is the codmaster.

I can only see one of my servers in the ASE program ( out of 5, 2 
windows, 3 linux all on different machines), I have no idea why that is 
the case, do I need to add ASE as a master server also (I dont use this 
program however many people seem to) Anyone care to give me info on that 
at all?
They are called GamingSA.com COD * (where * is tdm, dm, sd etc etc)


Joe Brown wrote:

> Daniel M. Temme wrote:
>> On Tuesday 03 February 2004 14:20, Luke wrote:
>>> First, I follow your logic, Joe. But, that cant be how the
>>> master server list works. If my server was only pinged by
>>> the master server every two hours, then why is it that if
>>> I terminate the server now and then use my in-game browser
>>> two minutes later it doesnt show up? Apparently, their
>>> must be more to the process than a two-hour list check.
>> I may be wrong but I think that the client would try to ping the 
>> server and just not show it if it isn't running.
> Right on Dan.  The client pings each address in the list recieved from 
> the master.  If it doesn't recive a reply from that ping or "getinfo" 
> command, the server isn't listed.  Thought I said that, though.
> Heartbeats (or pings) go out, from game servers every so often (about 
> once every 5 min.) to the master and the master also pings each server 
> about once ever 5 min.  Not "only" once every 2 hours.  With q3 it 
> takes about two hours to be dropped from the master's listing.
>>> If we assume the issue is that it takes two hours for an
>>> upgraded server to time out from the master server than
>>> why is it that one of my servers shows up correctly, and
>>> did so from the very minute I upgraded the server? It was
>>> only down for less than 10 minutes while I installed the
>>> patch..... and this was the same ammount of time that the
>>> other COd server in question was down, and it didnt show
>>> up for an entire day. When it did, the info was all wrong?
> Probably the one running on port 28960.  I have no idea why that one 
> is special.  I guess 28960 is a magic number for CoD. :)
>> Does anyone know what info is actually stored/used on the master 
>> servers? It appears that all the filtering is happening client side 
>> so there really wouldn't be much of a need to handle more then ip, 
>> maxplayers and maybe gametype, OS and whether or not it's dedicated. 
>> This prolly is a moot issue but I'm curious.
> It's not too hard to figure out, just takes some patients and a packet 
> sniffer.  I haven't updated recon http://recon.sourceforge.net to work 
> with CoD...  It's written in the Python language using wxPython for 
> the gui interface.  It is a game server browser for Q3.  I use it to 
> watch CoD server status, but haven't udated it to work specifically 
> with CoD.
> I used a packet sniffer to figure out how Q3 talks to 
> monster.idsoftware.com and deciphered the packets sent back and forth.
>>> For instance, why are 90% of the server for many, many
>>> players reporting that their pings are one (1) in the
>>> in-game browser, even though they are reporting everthing
>>> else properly?   
>> This has irritated me, too. Since I got the cable line I'm getting 
>> used to pretty good pings but all the 1's really didn't seem right 
>> ;). And it was actually quite a large ammount of servers showing up 
>> with that.
>> Have a nice day
> I had problems with recon reporting pings of 1 also, at one time.  The 
> problem occoured because some server somewhere was spitting out too 
> many packets and I had made no plan for extra packets in the code.  
> The extra packets threw off the timing of anticipated packets.
> I'm getting the itch to do some hacking in Python, so I might update 
> recon to do CoD server browsing.

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