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Wed Mar 11 18:56:50 EDT 2009

and is free for use at any time, unlike windows where you memory probably
really is AWOL =D



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Subject: [bf1942] memory usage after running server

> Hi guys, after running bfserver few times my server uses large amount of
> memory, looks like memory is not "cleaned" after crash.
> Thats how it looks:
> 30 processes: 29 sleeping, 1 running, 0 zombie, 0 stopped
> CPU states:   0.0% user,   0.0% system,   0.0% nice,  100.0% idle
> Mem:    513344K total,   416260K used,    97084K free,    92580K buffers
> Swap:        0K total,        0K used,        0K free,   215620K cached
> I am only running battlefield on this machine nothing more (its a
> 8.1 with full installation), after reboot it only uses about 44 Mega Bytes
> Im kinda new with linux but i seem to remember this kind of problems from
> win9x.
> Is there any way to "clean" memory on a linux or do i have to reboot eatch
> time server has crashed? ;P

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