[bf1942] GSP allowed to host ranked knife and pistol servers

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sun May 13 21:31:21 EDT 2007

I would disagree with the statement that this is better private than public.
I find many large companies (EA especially) generally doesn't respond to
something until they are forced to..  Just look at their server-patch


The facts are simple.  The companies have been reported to EA, they have not
been shut-down.. Ergo, EA has not "forced" them to comply.



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As far as I know both MyIs and EA are aware of the K&P servers and have
asked repeatedly for the people with those servers to swtich to normal play.
Those that haven't complied have had their servers erased.


I know the guys at MyIs and while they are pretty happy with how their
business has grown, I am sure they are not making enough profit to keep EA
rolling in the dough.


Please keep in mind this is a public e-mail list. If you have complaints
against EA or one of its trusted partners, it is probably best for you to
take it to either party rather then send something out on e-mail without
knowing all the facts.



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I know this is the unranked mailing list but I do not have the info for the
ranked one. If someone can post it there it would be great. Seems EA is
allowing knife and pistol ranked servers now since myinternetservices.com
<http://myinternetservices.com/>  is now hosting at least 3 of them for
bf2142 and they remain online after many reports against them. A lot of k/p
server have been shut down in the past that were reported to the former
bfroe which is owned by myis. From what I hear myis never sent in reports to
EA about their own knife and pistol servers to make more money. <> :29900 (KMA) Pistal Knife
Only <> :29900 (KMA) Knife Only <> :29900 SNIPER RIFLE

All have the myis provider id of 10029, the first one even has sponsor text
(Server Hosted by LcT and -eXo-, provided by MyInernetServices.). myis have
been notified many times and refuse to remove them. One of their staff
stated when asked about them: 

"Tim is paying EA the big bucks, and therefore they are his friends, not Tim
being theirs, and cos of their attitude, he will allow the servers no matter

"without those clients, EA wouldn't be getting those big bucks"


So basicly give EA a cut and they ignore your illegal servers while others
get shut down. Even totalroe.com <http://totalroe.com/>  displays 3 of those
servers in a list of myis hosted servers. 

sorry for the rant but a lot of gsp's want bf2142 ranked provider status
while myis continues to break the rules time and time again.

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