[bf1942] BF2 Server Crashes and starts Map Roation again.

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For starters Bf2cc has an exploit where someone can gain admin rights to the
game server. When I asked Brandon about the patch for it he said he will
have to rewrite the code and that he was not going to do. At that time he
just got hired by EA to do BF2CC.  

Now about the crashes if you can post some event logs Me and a few game
server providers have been watching servers crashing an abnormal amount of

We are starting to believe it maybe another GameSpy/Bf1942 crash exploit
going around. This has not been confirmed and I'm no expert in it so I can
be way off.

Please review this post about the subject above 

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Nothing to worry, server sometimes crash. V1.41 is quite stable if we look
back to v1.3 what crashed 10 times a day and v1.4 what crashed 5 times a

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> Hello, i hope you can help me.
> Im runnig 2 BF2Servers on one machine with BF2ccd on a Suse 
> 64Bit Root without Problems.
> The Gameservers seem to be stable til yesterday.
> 30 people were connected at the 64 slot one as the message 
> "Connection Problems" ( I dont know the english prompt, i 
> have a german BF2) appeared and all gamers lost connection to 
> the Server. It wa still in Gamespy list and running, but the 
> Mapcycle started again at the first map.
> All people joined again and we coul play for the rest of the night.
> Thats was the second time this bug happend. Whats the reason?
> In the server dir was a *.core file generated, but dont know 
> how to read the reason out of it.
> Does the bf2ccd (mono process) needs to be restarted when its 
> running for over a month? Or is it a bug of the 1.41 Gameserver?
> Hope you can help
> Greats
> xsmacks
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