[bf1942] Linux 1.41 question

xSmacks xsmacks at wtf-base.de
Thu Jan 11 06:29:25 EST 2007

Tim J Shackleton schrieb:
> Hi all,
> This may have been discussed previously, or lamented previously..
> I have a machine running a clean install of Debian stable, and the 
> 1.41 server.  Punkbuster is up to date, firewalling is correct...
> But some very very strange things are happening on it.
> For example.  The gameplay on the server is fine, until some random 
> point where people suddenly are not able to be killed, people in prone 
> cannot stand, while standing people cannot prone, explosives don't, 
> grenades don't explode, flags don't cap, teammates can't be killed..  
> (not that anyone would ever do that of course).
> Is this a known bug?  I have reinstalled both the OS and the server 
> package (after checking the MD5 and so on) but am getting the same result.
> The machine is a 4 core machine.  I have used schedutils to lock bf2 
> to one CPU.  I have also recompiled the kernel without SMP support - 
> no change.  I have run the server without battlerecorder, without 
> punkbuster - no change.
> Can anyone offer any clues?  This is both embarassing and driving me 
> slowly insane.
> Thanks all,
> Tim.
i know that bug, but i dont know why it happens.

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