[bf1942] 2142 impressions

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Sun Oct 8 19:13:04 EDT 2006

Scott DeLeury wrote:
> So far, it looks to be ok in my opinion, but many people are just labeling
> it yet another bf2 mod.
> Finding the server files (win32 only...thanks guys :( ) was ridiculous.
> Seemed like yet another 'favor the ranked providers' instance and certainly
> another reminder that the days of DICE having anything to do with the
> peons(server admins) are definitely gone (Unless of course you're a
> 'TRUSTED' provider)
> Titan mode needs some SERIOUS work, and perhaps a server variable to lock
> the titan in place to reduce the serious lag that results from it. Perhaps
> 32 slots would have been a good cap on that.
> Again, those are just my own small opinions.  Anyone have any opinions/views
> on the demo as of yet? 
You seriously care that it runs like crap in Titan Mode? Did battlefield 
ever run good? You do know about this right?



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