Ranked VOIP

Brent Hoard brent at brenthoard.com
Sat Mar 4 16:17:14 EST 2006

Hi -- not much action on this listserv anymore, but I'll give this 
question a shot anyway...

My organization recently purchased a 24-man ranked BF2 server from 
clanservers.com, and I'm having difficulty setting up a dedicated 
external VOIP server.  I've installed the server files on a my web 
server box, setup a service to execute the VOIP files and it seems to be 
running fine.  Next, I added the VOIP IP/Port and pass to my ranked 
server via BF2CC and restarted the server.  But, I'm still not able to 
the built-in bf2 VOIP -- any recommendations?

I really which there was an easy way to test the dedicated VOIP server 
so I could rule that out as the problem, but I'm not sure how.  I'd 
probably need to setup ANOTHER bf2 server somewhere, configure it and 
join it... then ask a friend to join it... speak to my friend.  What a pain.

And information you all can provide will be welcome.  Thanks!

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