[bf1942] PunkBuster LOG Lost Connection

raW raw at sasklan.com
Sun Jan 1 13:02:37 EST 2006

One more does this look legit one person said they got  "Error reading from
Game Spy

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Thanks again for your input I'm starting to think it’s network issues
because I have been talking to a few people who are in that list that I
posted and they just get a msg saying disconnected from server and one
person claims they got a msg from gamespy I never knew Anything about that?
Thanks again

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Well, the same thing can (will?) of course happen when there are network
problems. But seeing this in the logs is no indication that anything is
wrong. It will happen each and every mapchange, and is not a bug. What
you are encountering, however, may be a bug, and the PB log entries a
symptom of the bug. Just check your old PB logfiles, and you'll see the
exact same thing there.


raW wrote:
> I,m sorry but I must disagree the reason why I checked the pb logs is
> because I was in game and I have been watching I see many groups of
> people get dropped from thre game server that why I tied both of them in
> because it happened at the same time 
 I also have seen this on another
> server and I have been with 2 different isps
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> No this isn't a bug, because only punkbuster disconnects from the
> punkbuster server (which runs besides/on your gameserver) and reconnects
> when the new map is loaded on the client. The gameclient itself doesn't
> disconnect from the gameserver.
> Cheers,
> Mortis
> European Tactical Battlefield Forces <http://etbf.kicks-ass.net>
> raW schreef:
> Thank you for your quick response is this some type of bug ? Also if so is
> EA going to fix this 

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