[bf1942] Using sqlite with BF2 in Windows

"Einar S. Idsø" esi at itk.ntnu.no
Sun Apr 23 19:39:09 EDT 2006

Steven Hartland wrote:
> But Tom and Boff are the people to speak to. N.B. Their code only
> runs in round change so they may be using blocking with a low
> timeout.
But that's cheating! ;)

Seriously: What if the server dies before the round ends? That will lose
all bans, unless you store them to file before they are sent to the
RPC-server. The BF2 engine doesn't even come close to UDP in reliability.

But I think I am there now: I've got a non-blocking XML-RPC client
running inside the BF2 engine. xmlrpclib is not being used - instead I
use httplib's request and getresponse methods to asynchronise the post
and get so that it doesn't block. Seems to be working nicely, though I
am still not 100% convinced this is the Holy Grail. For one, other games
that lack the power that BF2 provides in terms of its py-engine will be
completely unable to communicate with the servermanager via the
relatively complex XML-RPC protocol. Additionally, two-way communication
is not possible w/o a server running on the gameserver, and using
different protocols for the two directions is something I'd like to
avoid. But perhaps I can now use xmlrpclib or SimpleXMLRPCserver to
create an RPC service on the gameserver? Will look into this if I find
the need for two-way comms.

At least I am learning a bunch of stuff, and having fun at the same time :)


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