[bf1942] Using sqlite with BF2 in Windows

Steven Hartland killing at multiplay.co.uk
Sun Apr 23 19:07:46 EDT 2006

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From: ""Einar S. Idsø"" <esi at itk.ntnu.no>

> Based on a bit more reading, it seems as if as long as the datagram is
> smaller than the MTU (including headers), it will be transmitted as one
> single packet. This would probably be okay for us, since the commands
> transmitted to the servermanager will be relatively short.

Unfortunately that is not garanteed hence dont bank on it.

>>>The guys here have XML RPC up and running for a central ban manager
>>>so you might want to pop onto IRC into #mpukhosting and catch
>>>either Tom or Boffbowsh to see if they cant point you in the right
> I haven't been able to speak with them yet, but I did some research
> today on how to make XML-RPC-calls from BF2. After a bit of trickery
> including

Had a quick look all they do is use a few custom modules:
xmllib.py, mimetools.py, httplib.py, base64.py and xmlrpclib.py

But Tom and Boff are the people to speak to. N.B. Their code only
runs in round change so they may be using blocking with a low

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