[bf1942] Custom maps on Linux?

Spy PC-Hardwarestore spy at pc-hardwarestore.de
Mon Sep 5 08:01:36 EDT 2005

Hi , can someone tell me how 2 get the custom maps 2 work on my Linux 
System??? i uploaded the server files the way its suposed 2 be but it does 
not work.

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> --On Sunday, September 04, 2005 11:10 PM +0100 Omnix 
> <omnix at punksbusted.com> wrote:
>> The pack that "Webmaster" was talking about is here:
>> <http://totalbf2.filecloud.com/files/file.php?user_file_id=48180>
> Now installed on "(MA) Rank Support Sox". One can use JoinIP and type in 
> "matureasskickers.net" as the address.

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