[bf1942] BF2: Special Forces

Karl-Petter Åkesson karl-petter at home.se
Thu Oct 27 03:02:19 EDT 2005

ScratchMonkey wrote:

> --On Tuesday, October 25, 2005 6:59 PM -0600 David Stevens 
> <dave at netdefense.ca> wrote:
>> Probably 95% of what they would with cleaning up their current mess.
>> We seem to be the only ones that notice how screwed up things are.
> I spoke with one of the lemmings this weekend. He didn't see anything 
> wrong with the game, as a player. He thought 1.03 fixed all the bugs. 
> He was quite excited to buy the add-on.

Hi everyone,

usually dont post much here since I mainly been interested in seeing the 
view of the game from the server admins and thereforejust read all 
input, but know I felt I had to quickly jump in. To me the game is 
almost worse after 1.03! Not really they fixed some stuff but as always 
added a lot o new bugs! For instance the new "FEATURE" (see the ea 
support forum, it sounds as a feature there) that if you activate more 
than 5 filter options nothing will turn up in the server browser. Yes, a 
very nice feature! And there are definitely something wrong in the 
network code or somewhere else in the game. I usually only play on 
server where I get very low ping, typically under 100 in the server 
browser and in-game usually about 40-60( actually quite strange they are 
different, isnt it?) but what happens now and then is that I get the 
message "There is a problem with your network connection" and everything 
just freezes for a second or two. It's a real killer if you are low 
sniffing in chopper:-) What is strange is when I look at the pings they 
are still low, nothing else lags, the game just completly feezes. Some 
friends has seen this too. I have been looking around on the net 
briefly(googling) but couldnt find much about it. Anyway there are 
definitely bugs still in the game clients!


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