DoS against port 29900

James Gurney james at
Wed Oct 12 00:11:13 EDT 2005

Has anyone seen a DoS attack targeting the BF2 gamespy port? I came home 
to find my server taking a (fairly pathetic) 0.1Mbps flood against port 
29900. Unfortunately, the reply was pumping out 2Mbps of traffic, 
presumably saturating the DSL of whatever poor sap was hosting the 
trojan. No problem, easily shut down.. I'm just curious if anyone has 
seen this before.. Seems pretty random.

tcpdump revealed the source port as 22222. Port 22222 shows up in Google 
as being the source port for a bunch of trojans, but none of which 
appear to target the gamespy port (as far as I can tell).

Anyone seen this before?


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